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City of Gunnison leaders are eyeing a potential tax question on this year’s ballot — this time, for tobacco and nicotine products — as part of a larger effort to

Gunnison Valley ranchers have long feared the effects of prolonged drought. But what if a solution to that problem also places stockgrowers in the driver’s seat for helping to curb


Relocating is never easy — especially for a young child, forced to pack his belongings and say goodbye to friends and family without knowing what the future holds. It’s even

Brandon Warr Times Staff Writer Few would disagree: The 1960s were a simpler time. Instead of video games and other forms of electronic media consuming the time of children, they

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If there ever was a playing field far from level, it’s that which exists in the local lodging industry. Hotel and motel proprietors for years have bemoaned the growth of

The dust is beginning to settle on the 119th edition of Cattlemen’s Days, Gunnison’s annual 10-day celebration of a way of life. It was another wonderful demonstration of what this


On July 4, Michael Wayne Turner passed away, he was 71 years old. He died peacefully at home after a long struggle with an illness. He was a kind husband

Christina Lee Gonzales-Emerson, 57, of Gunnison, passed away Nov. 11, 2018 while vacationing in San Diego, Calif. A memorial service will be held for her at the Gunnison Cemetery on