GHS Wrestling — The amount of work an athlete puts in during the off season is a key factor in determining his success once their season starts. Gunnison High School

Something about the Gunnison Valley makes people want to come back. Once they move away, they seem to always return. Greg Corlis joined that group of select people in 2016,

CBHS Hockey — The Crested Butte Titans extended their win streak to 6, dispatching the Rampart Rams by a score of 5-4 this past Friday on the road. The Titans

Small but mighty. Ingrid Butts — head coach of the Gunnison Junior Nordic Team and former Olympian — used those words to describe this season's roster as the team looks

GHS Boys Basketball — Moving can be an exciting time for a person. There are opportunities to make new friends, see new places and compete on new teams. By the

Going into every season, an athletic program’s goal is to win a state championship. While most teams fall short of that goal, the ones that succeed go down in history.

The icy wind brushing across your face. The smell of the great outdoors. And, of course, not having to skate in circles on a small rink. These are just some

“Now we can finally play,” a group member states as the last player of “Old Man Noon Hoops” group walks onto the basketball court. Eager to get the contest underway,

2017 was a year for runners in the Gunnison Valley. Records fell, and championships were claimed. Additionally, two Western State Colorado University alumni took their talents to the big stage

GHS Wrestling — Van Hee. The name has been associated with wrestling in the Gunnison Valley since 1990. Miles Van Hee — Western State Colorado University’s former coach — started