Hazel Thomas

Hazel Thomas passed away peacefully in her sleep on Monday, May 15, in Gunnison. She was 92. She will be remembered for her cheery and sunny demeanor. Even as she aged, she never developed ornery nor bitter tendencies and alway had an upbeat outlook. A child of the Great Depression, Hazel was born and grew up in Arizona, where she attended teacher’s college. She married Dale Thomas, Sr. and raised their son Dale Thomas, Jr. in the suburbs of Denver. She and her husband really wanted that baby. In retirement, she and her husband bought a Volkswagen van and drove all over the West. They took pictures of Grizzly bears fishing for salmon in Alaska. They traveled to the Navajo Nation in Arizona and collected turquoise jewelry. She and her husband were good buddies. In the last years of their lives, they made Montrose home. She loved birds and flowers. She loved dogs. She loved little bars of Dove dark chocolate, fresh crab and salmon. She ate healthy and did yoga. She would get dressed up to play Bridge with her friends. She got up early to read the Bible. She is survived by her grandchildren Leah and Jake Thomas, her great grandson Roland Thomas, as well as Ellen Petrick, her deceased son’s spouse. Condolences can be sent to: Leah Thomas 500 E. Virginia Ave. Gunnison, CO 81230.

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