Western Football — In slightly more than a month, the Western State Colorado University football team will kick off their season at Idaho State University. The team is hoping to improve this year upon the worst record the Mountaineers have posted since the 2012 season.

Never count them out.

Despite getting off to a shaky start, Ol’ Miner once again proved why they have dominated the Gunnison co-ed softball league year after year. They destroyed Shondeck Financial 21-6 in the 2018 championship Tuesday night.

Had to be 20 years ago, maybe then some, I ran the iconic photo from the early 1970s, the longshot down Colorado Avenue, above the fold on Page One of The Telluride Daily Planet: dirty Fords and battered pickups, every one of them with a Colorado license plate.

In the face of the most contentious issues, effective leaders have a way of bringing people together. If there is any such need at the moment, it’s over the contentious housing project known as The Corner at Brush Creek.

Marian Louise Hicks was born on July 1, 1926 to Franklin Gustavis Clark and Juanita Marian Platz Clark. She was the oldest of fi ve sisters. Marian grew up in the upper Tomichi Creek area with lifelong friend, George Means.

Following the rollback of fire restrictions by local and federal agencies last week, Gunnison’s Heidi Magnus decided to hit the road for the weekend, camping near Mill Creek.

The last of eight defendants accused of wrongfully voting in an April 2016 election in the Town of Pitkin, east of Gunnison, was found guilty in Gunnison County Court this week.

Gunnison Police officer Chris Isham shows (l-r) Kaiden Bartelli and Talon Kibler how to operate video monitoring equipment used by local law enforcement during City Fest this past Thursday.

What better way to guarantee failure of a political proposal than to prevent the question from being asked in the first place? And when all else fails, barring certain groups from weighing in is bound to get the job done.