Critics have cautioned against a proposed property tax increase planned to appear on November’s ballot in Gunnison County for the additional burden it would place on residents and businesses. However, Gunnison Mayor Jim Gelwicks has floated an idea to help the measure receive approval.

The Gunnison Valley’s short growing season typically makes for high quality, nutritious hay. However, as dry conditions persist throughout the region, that growing season is getting cut short.

Ranchers already are beginning to cut this year’s harvest — weeks earlier than is typical.

It’s official. Voters will decide this fall whether a new property tax should be levied to support affordable housing projects.

The sun beat down, and the afternoon wind picked up. Dust swirled into the air, further intensifying the hot, dry conditions. There hadn’t been rain in days; in fact, there barely had been any cloud cover.

It was time to head to the river.

Shortly after 6 a.m. Sunday morning, eager travelers waited in line outside a shiny, white, 38-seat coach as driver John Keller, of Gunnison, checked tickets and loaded baggage.

Bummed out by the fire ban? Depressed over dry conditions? Despite Stage 2 fire restrictions throughout the county and the cancellation of this year’s fireworks show in Mt. Crested Butte,

A transition of law enforcement duties at the north end of the Gunnison Valley from Mt. Crested Butte Police Department to the Gunnison County Sheriff ’s Office is planned to begin late this summer.