There are many words used to describe Dennis Spritzer: Musician. Practical joker. Kind. Hardworking. Ornery. Teacher. Friend. Spritzer is a familiar name in the Gunnison Valley. The longtime local has

Whether he’s railing down a technical section of singletrack or headed out for an all-day endurance ride, Dave Wiens loves to pedal his mountain bike. “I have a tremendous amount

The Thanksgiving holiday turned tragic last week when a Mancos, Colo., man was shot and killed by a Colorado State Patrol officer along Hwy. 135 south of Crested Butte following a single-vehicle accident.

It’s a statistic of which people in the Gunnison Valley are keenly aware: Suicide rates nationally have risen more than 30 percent since 1999, and Rocky Mountain states are higher than

Gone are a “big box” store and monolithic housing options. A revamped design for the Gunnison Rising annexation calls for diverse homes, a walkable neighborhood, smaller retail stores and a

“Reasonable belief” versus “beyond a reasonable doubt” — the difference between the two is enough to proceed with first-degree murder and other charges “good things” were happening for her family, and

The complete unofficial election results for Tuesday’s election were released late Wednesday afternoon:


Gunnison County Sheriff

John Gallowich (D) 6,604 76.0%

Mark Mykol (R) 2,082 24.0%


Complete unofficial election results for Tuesday’s election in Gunnison County were released at about 5 p.m. Wednesday afternoon. Results are as follows. 

Gunnison County Sheriff

John Gallowich (D) — 6,604 votes— 76.0%

Mark Mykol (R) — 2,082 — 24.0%

Prepare to be detoured traveling Hwy. 50 between Gunnison and Montrose in 2020. Proposed improvements to a 3.8 mile stretch of the highway in what’s known as the Little Blue Canyon

Instructions accompanying Gunnison County ballots this year have caused widespread confusion over the appearance that identification must be submitted in order for votes to count. However, officials with the Gunnison