Newly proposed amendments to land-use regulations are already spurring project plans in the City of Gunnison — even before those rules have been officially adopted. “We’re encouraged by the city,

There are many words used to describe Dennis Spritzer: Musician. Practical joker. Kind. Hardworking. Ornery. Teacher. Friend. Spritzer is a familiar name in the Gunnison Valley. The longtime local has

Whether he’s railing down a technical section of singletrack or headed out for an all-day endurance ride, Dave Wiens loves to pedal his mountain bike. “I have a tremendous amount

The Thanksgiving holiday turned tragic last week when a Mancos, Colo., man was shot and killed by a Colorado State Patrol officer along Hwy. 135 south of Crested Butte following a single-vehicle accident.

It’s a statistic of which people in the Gunnison Valley are keenly aware: Suicide rates nationally have risen more than 30 percent since 1999, and Rocky Mountain states are higher than

Gone are a “big box” store and monolithic housing options. A revamped design for the Gunnison Rising annexation calls for diverse homes, a walkable neighborhood, smaller retail stores and a

“Reasonable belief” versus “beyond a reasonable doubt” — the difference between the two is enough to proceed with first-degree murder and other charges “good things” were happening for her family, and

The complete unofficial election results for Tuesday’s election were released late Wednesday afternoon:


Gunnison County Sheriff

John Gallowich (D) 6,604 76.0%

Mark Mykol (R) 2,082 24.0%


Complete unofficial election results for Tuesday’s election in Gunnison County were released at about 5 p.m. Wednesday afternoon. Results are as follows. 

Gunnison County Sheriff

John Gallowich (D) — 6,604 votes— 76.0%

Mark Mykol (R) — 2,082 — 24.0%

Prepare to be detoured traveling Hwy. 50 between Gunnison and Montrose in 2020. Proposed improvements to a 3.8 mile stretch of the highway in what’s known as the Little Blue Canyon