The Gunnison River above Blue Mesa Reservoir is expected to reach its highest level this coming weekend, and all signs indicate the early peak and low flows would be historic.

Is it a matter of leadership style, simple economics or reflective of a national trend? The rate of turnover within the Gunnison County Sheriff’s Office is shaping up to be a

Gunnison City Council expressed apprehension this week over a proposed ballot measure to fund affordable housing through a new mill levy.

Some members doubted the timing of the ballot campaign, while others questioned its details.

A man who accused his wife of firing a gun during an argument two years ago took the stand in Gunnison County Court last week in what became tension-filled testimony

Local educators hope their decision last week to stage a “walk-in” sends a two-part message: That they oppose inadequate funding for education, while acknowledging local efforts in recent years to financially compensate for state shortages.

Despite conditions this year that mirror the 2002 drought, some water users in the Upper Gunnison River Basin can rest easy — for now.

Some is better than none. That’s the thinking behind a decision by the Gunnison Valley Regional Housing Authority (GVRHA) board to ask voters this coming November for a property tax

For the better part of a century the racetrack at the Gunnison County Fairgrounds has been a key part of Cattlemen’s Days and other equine activities. For decades, race horses threw their hearts into crossing the finish line first.