Two join Western trustees


Additions bring experience and interest in education

  • Loevlie
  • Szczurek

Two new members have joined Western Colorado University’s Board of Trustees.

Theresa Marie Szczurek and Annelise Mae Loevlie were appointed to the board by Gov. Jared Polis and began their terms Dec. 31, 2020.

Both appointments are four years.

Szczurek and Loevlie replace former trustees Keith Kennedy and Nancy Chisholm.

Kennedy was appointed in December 2016 and Chisholm received her appointment to a second term that same year.

“I think they’re (Szczurek and Loevlie) going to be an awesome asset to this already awesome board,” Chisholm said during her final board of trustees meeting on Dec. 10.

“There was definitely thought put into these two selections,” Board of Trustees Chair Chris Blees said at the meeting. “I’m very pleased, and they’re very excited to join.”

Szczurek is the chief executive officer of Technology and Management Solutions, a consulting firm. She was formerly the chief information officer for the State of Colorado, managing information technology and cybersecurity.

Szczurek also has board experience, most recently serving as an advisory board member for the University of Colorado Boulder Alumni Association.

She said she was interested in a spot on Western’s board due to the university’s move into Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

“I think we need more people who have a technology foundation,” Szczurek said. “Seeing what Western is doing with expanding (STEM) and collaborating with the University of Colorado is great.”

Szczurek said Western’s business and liberal arts programs also add to the success of the university.

She said she hopes to bring a new perspective to the board informed by her location in Boulder and various experiences working in the technology and business sectors.

Loevlie is the founder and CEO of Golden-based Icelantic Skis. She has served on boards for a number of outdoor-based organizations, which include Snowsports Industry of America, Colorado Outward Bound and the Board of Advisors for the Colorado Recreation industry Office.

Loevlie is passionate about outdoor recreation and said she believes in expanding learning beyond the classroom.

“I think a lot of systems in our country need reform. The top two in my book that need a microscopic review are health care and education,” Loevlie said. “I’m excited to help write a new story in higher education!’

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