Gunnison man arrested for drug distribution


Drugs seized following a search warrant

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A Gunnison man was arrested at his home and charged with the illegal sale and distribution of narcotics.

Daniel Gerrity, 43, was arrested by the Gunnison Police Department on Dec. 15 at 800 N. Spruce Street.

Gunnison Police Chief Chris Wilson said officers seized heroin, methamphetamine and prescription narcotic pills. A large number of suspected counterfeit oxycodone pills that contain lethal doses of fentanyl were also found.

Gerrity is expected in Gunnison County court for a status conference Jan. 14.

Wilson said officers are not currently aware of any individuals working with Gerrity.

Wilson said when Gerrity was arrested, there was a Raymond Gerrity at the residence, but he was not charged.

Gunnison County Court dockets indicate a Martin Gerrity is expected in court on the same time and day as Gerrity for an appearance bond hearing. Wilson could not confirm if Martin Gerrity is related to Daniel Gerrity or whether Martin Gettiry is another name for Raymond Gerrity.

“There was no other person charged that day,” Wilson said.

Wilson said the officers made the arrest and findings after executing a search warrant.

Wilson said he is not able to speak to the nature of the warrant, due to privacy concerns.

“We follow up on all leads,” he said.

Wilson said the drugs resembling oxycodone are currently being tested at a Colorado Bureau of Investigation lab to confirm if they are fentanyl.

Fentanyl is a powerful synthetic opiod, 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine. Oxycodone is a prescription opioid used to relieve pain.

The Gunnison Police Department launched a separate investigation in March 2020 into third-party distribution of the imitation fentanyl drug.

Wilson said there is no link to Gerrity and investigation at the time.

Fentanyl pills are “just out there to be honest,” Wilson said.

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