Dorothy Katherine Sporcich

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It is with loving hearts, the family of Dorothy Katherine Sporcich wish to let her beloved friends know she passed away peacefully in her sleep on Aug. 20, 2020 after a 10 year battle with alzheimers.

Dorothy was born March 22, 1934 to Mary and Joseph Sporcich who immigrated here in the early 1900s from Croatia. Dorothy was the youngest of five siblings. Many of you remember her smiling face and rosary in hand as she took care of the in-person payments for the Crested Butte office of the Gunnison County Electric Association for nearly 30 years. For many, the monthly paying of their electric bill meant a long, eagerly looked forward to visit with this warm, intelligent, amazing native of Crested Butte. Dorothy gave freely of her love and kindness to all in her world.

When Dorothy attended Crested Butte high school she played the saxophone — a favorite instrument of the family. Her brother in law Hank with his “singing saxophone” was admired through the years playing with the Joe Saya band. Dorothy spent a year after high school living in Denver with her sister, Rose, but moved back to care for her parents. Crested Butte was her soul’s home.

Dorothy remained in Crested Butte after retirement, living in the home she was born and raised in. In later years Dorothy enjoyed her Pekingese dogs, walking, photography, tending family graves and gardens, music and cruising around town in her niece’s 1951 Willys Jeep.

Driving Aunt Dorothy was a weekly event she and the whole town looked forward to. Dorothy was also very active in the Catholic Church. Her family is forever grateful to the many wonderful friends of hers at the church and within the town who reached out to help as needed as Dorothy got older. She was very independent and could be feisty not wanting to be told what to do and not wanting to ask for help. Even the police department got involved in later years as Dorothy was known for getting on her roof in the winter, even in her 80s to make sure every bit of snow was promptly removed. As she got stuck, the police, neighbors and friends were always quick to help her. It wasn’t until she had to be placed in the Senior Care Center did she finally stop getting on the roof!

In her time at the Senior Care Center, Dorothy’s gentle ways quickly made her a favorite of all. She took part in activities and art projects and never missed the Friday Sunshine Singers where she could visit with her fans. The devoted care of her niece, Cindy, friends, family and visits from the dogs brought joy to her life even though her heart had never left Crested Butte.

Due to current COVID protocols we are choosing to hold a celebration of life next year once we are able to gather. Dorothy had many friends of all ages and all walks of life who adored her and helped make it possible for her to live her life fully here in Crested Butte. She loved this town, its people and her Lord.

There are some who bring a light so great

To the world that even after they

Have gone the light remains. Dorothy

Is that beautiful soul whose light

Remains in our hearts.