Kate Gienapp

Western Colorado University students are constantly seeking information — whether it be in the form of a new novel or a research hypothesis. The same goes for students in the

Sephora Baroumbaye of Western Colorado University's Polynesian Dance and Chant Club moves to the music during a kickoff of the International Women's Day celebration in the Leslie J. Savage auditorium

Gunnison’s second annual Gunni Gras celebration included a pub crawl, parade and party at the Gunnison Arts Center — all of which are pictured here.

What would Gunnison be without its own Mardi Gras celebration? The Gunni-Gras pub crawl, parade and party returns for the the second year in coming days. “It was a blast,”

Scenes from three decades of “SonofaGunn” at the Gunnison Arts Center are pictured here. The 2019 production will mark the 30th year of satirizing life in the Gunnison Valley. For

Will Shoemaker

With school out of session Monday for Presidents Day, kids flocked to Cranor Hill Ski Area northeast of Gunnison for the mostly annual O-Be-Joyful Ski Meet. Events for skiers and

Kate Gienapp

Over the past 20 years, much has changed. Cassette tapes turned to compact disks. Compact disks became digitized. But Colorado Fitness in Gunnison has stood the test of time. This

Tristan Loftis peers through a snowy pair of goggles during a trip by Gunnison Elementary School third graders to Crested Butte Nordic Center this past Thursday. For more from the

Mr. Woytek, principal at Gunnison Elementary School (GES), gets a laugh at students duct taping him to a table near the school’s entrance this past Friday. GES first- through fifth-grade

Snowfall in the high country has brought wildlife to lower elevations for the winter, but it still takes a close eye to find them under the cover of timber. This