Study dives into water systems

In fall 2017, Houston, Texas endured a series of devastating floods. However, thanks in part to research conducted at Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory (RMBL) near Crested Butte, these floods came

Sunshine’s ‘fourteener’ status in question

As Aubrey Schoff ascended the last hundred feet of Mt. Evans’ summit, her lungs burned and her body ached, but her attention was captivated by the rugged beauty of the

Tag-team cleaning

gO Girls (l-r) Audrey Meeuwsen, leader Molly Dillon, Gianna Wickenhauser, Eliza Wickenhauser and Mylee Clifton wash a bike for a Growler competitor at the end of Saturday’s race in downtown Gunnison. The effort sought to raise money for the group’s summer programs through gO Initiative.

Veterans find home, hope in Gunnison

Memorial Day became an official national holiday in 1971 to celebrate the fallen soldiers from American wars. In one of those wars — Vietnam — an estimated 8,744,000 soldiers from

A nose for pleasing people

Jill Kovacevich was frustrated. Her 9-month-old border collie had completed obedience training and began competing in dock-jumping events. But he became “reactive” to other dogs — lunging and barking while

Titans advance to final four

CBHS Soccer — It was close from the start, but Crested Butte High School (CBHS) punched their ticket to the state semi-finals.

Flames engulf home along Hwy. 135

The sight of flames and billowing smoke stopped traffic along Hwy. 135 about a mile north of Gunnison Tuesday evening. It is believed an explosion in a garage sparked the fire which engulfed the home of John Koch and Erin Knuth around 5 p.m. The family escaped to safety.

‘It’s never too late to learn’

Sunday morning was like any other for Gunnison’s Christine Mott. She rose and turned attention to a cross-stitch project before thumbing through seed catalogs in search of the best prices

Acting upon an opportunity

Yazmin Molina was 7 years old when she came to live in the United States, and like a lot of families that move to the Gunnison Valley, Molina’s never left.