Crested Butte resident Lis Collins has recycled for years, separating plastic from trash and sorting glass. Despite a recent increased expense on her trash bill, she said she does it

Iditarod — the name alone conjures images of the bitter cold wilderness of Alaska. Man and beast fighting the worst of Mother Nature, covering more than 900 miles to prove they are the fastest.

Snow is a lot like people. It easily adapts to gradual changes — but too much change too fast, and you’ve got problems. That’s according to Snow Safety Director Frank

When was the last time you spent an entire day just listening — truly listening without assumption or judgement? It’s a tall task but one that drama-duo Heather and Steve

Understanding cultural differences is key to developing a global perspective. Gunnison High School junior Gus Messner — who spent a year in another country, which is about as different from

It’s no secret that teachers today take on a lot of responsibilities. When children step foot in school, educators are responsible for everything from snacks to teaching calculation of slope

A caravan of two snowcats and three snowmobiles dispersed in a long line across the snowy landscape, bound for a spot high in the hills this past Thursday.

Standing at the top of a run at Monarch Mountain, a group of ski patrollers assesses the situation. But something seems out of sorts — and soon, a stream of children slide off what looks to be a cliff edge, one by one, like ducklings in a row.

As Kat Hebda awoke on Monday, she didn’t grab her skis to hit the slopes. She didn’t hit the snooze button and she didn’t decide to sleep in. Instead of

A first-of-its-kind speaker series aimed at inspiring the next generation of outdoor industry leaders will kick off this month at Western Colorado University. Blister Speaker Series will bring to campus