The sport of team roping is not just for boys anymore. Perhaps it never was. Both nationally and locally, women are seen regularly picking up a rope and mounting a

The dogs were shiny and polished, and their handlers well dressed. An occasional bark or whimper could be heard in the Fred Field Western Heritage Center at the Gunnison County

When 28-year-old biology professor John C. Johnson first laid eyes on Gothic on July 4, 1919, he did not foresee that in a few years he would found the Rocky

Whoever popularized the phrase that a dog is “man’s best friend” must have had Bob Gydesen and Ashley in mind. Ashley is a 12-year-old female border collie. She and Bob,

Gunnison’s Spencer Hays, 13, proved himself to be the most dominant male player in the game of marbles this year, beating his opponent in the 2019 national championship headto-head match

For more than two decades, Jerry Piquette has dedicated countless hours and more than a quarter million dollars to something so small it fits in your pocket. The culprit of

Small puffs of smoke rise from three different corral stations into the clear blue sky. The sounds of cows mooing for their babies, and the cries of cowboys moving calves,

This past Thursday — the last of the 2018-19 school year — the only thing that stood in the way of completion for students of Gunnison High School’s (GHS) construction

A Gunnison educator hopes her recent seafaring experience provides students an open door to a wider world. Boarding the National Geographic Explorer in the River Thames on May 14, Gunnison

Relocating is never easy — especially for a young child, forced to pack his belongings and say goodbye to friends and family without knowing what the future holds. It’s even