Relocating is never easy — especially for a young child, forced to pack his belongings and say goodbye to friends and family without knowing what the future holds. It’s even

A student’s senior year of high school is supposed to be memorable. And by all accounts, for Gunnison High School’s (GHS) Gemma Vincent, it’s been just that. The lifelong dancer

It may be hours away from her current home, but in the eyes of Kali Carlson, an annual hockey tournament in Gunnison has provided a way of keeping her father’s

Take a step into Gunnison High School (GHS) and you’re sure to find students hard at work studying trigonometry or Shakespeare. However, a new class offered this year breaks the

If you’ve ever walked into the dance studio at the corner of Wisconsin Street and Virginia Avenue in Gunnison, you may have noticed a shift in the atmosphere. Children perform choreographed numbers as proud parents look on.

If you’ve ever lived out of your car, gotten your clothes from a thrift store or gone dumpster diving simply to sustain a life based in the great outdoors, you

Crested Butte resident Lis Collins has recycled for years, separating plastic from trash and sorting glass. Despite a recent increased expense on her trash bill, she said she does it

Iditarod — the name alone conjures images of the bitter cold wilderness of Alaska. Man and beast fighting the worst of Mother Nature, covering more than 900 miles to prove they are the fastest.

Snow is a lot like people. It easily adapts to gradual changes — but too much change too fast, and you’ve got problems. That’s according to Snow Safety Director Frank