Much of Chris Mayfield’s success can be attributed to his ability to access the absurd and attach a deeper meaning. So it seems fitting that Mayfield’s musical musings began by

With the new year comes new goals for many Gunnison Valley residents and organizations alike. However, focusing on the future often reqires recognizing past accomplishments. Cassidy Tawse-Garcia, the new executive


When you fight a fire in California, you have to be mindful of the Santa Ana winds. If you fight a fire in Texas, it will probably be a grass blaze, which travels fast compared to a timber fire the likes of which we might see in Colorado. Of course, it takes years of experience on the ground fighting fires to fully grasp how to address each diverse environment.

“In every part of the country you have to approach fire suppression differently,” explains Rick Barton, who has been fighting fires for more than 45 years, traveling from his home in the Gunnison Valley.

(Editor’s note: This article is part of a series focused on the state of agriculture in the Gunnison Valley which will appear periodically.) After he was raised on a ranch

For community members Kyle and Jessica Thomas, who recently returned to the Gunnison Valley, spiritual connection and a sense of community are vitally important. Because they have no children, the

The icy wind brushing across your face. The smell of the great outdoors. And, of course, not having to skate in circles on a small rink. These are just some

Gunnison residents awoke Christmas morning to plenty of snow in which to play, breaking a weeks-long dry spell and slow start to winter. Gunnison County Electric Association’s weather station west

The relatively warm weather, lack of snow and willing volunteers helped local citizen scientists tally a record number of species in the 44th annual Gunnison Christmas Bird Count this past