Virginia Lasater passed away on July 7 at 9:04 a.m.

She was born Aug. 15, 1934 in Nebraska. She was married to Barney. Her parents were Luella Oconell and Leo Oconell. She was sister to Laveta Sangosti and Cindy Geriddio; aunt to Shelly Sangosti and Selma Eastman, and great-aunt to Stephanie.

She liked to joke a lot and tell stories, she was a funny person. She liked gospel music and bluegrass. She had lots of friends at the nursing home. She got along with Conny when she lived with Laveta, Shelly and Herbert. She liked to climb the stairs, eat ice cream, drink coffee, go shopping, dance, go for walks and rides. She liked to drive at one time. She went to church with the family in Gunnison. She helped with the dishes. She enjoyed rolling her hair.

She was a great aunt! She liked Ron and Sue a lot and we loved her!

She is going to be missed. There will not be services held. Thank you to Hospice.