Gallowich offers thoughts on controversial gun measure

A controversial bill which would allow law enforcement to disarm a citizen if a judge deems it appropriate is making its way through the Colorado legislature. The measure — House Bill 19-1177, or the “Extreme Risk Protection Orders” bill — was passed by the Senate this past Friday on second reading. The vote fell along party lines.

The so-called “Red Flag” bill would allow family members or law enforcement to seek a court order to remove firearms from an individual if it can be proven to a judge that the person is a risk to himself or others. Under the proposed legislation, if a judge rules the person is a risk, law enforcement will be ordered to seize the person’s firearms for 14 days under an “extreme risk protection order.”

A second hearing would be scheduled within that time period to determine if the gun owner is in the clear, or if the protection order should be extended for a maximum of 364 days.



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