Raymond Eric VanHoesen was born in Albany, N.Y. on March 26, 1970.

He was the son of Raymond Morris VanHoesen and Camille Jones. Raymonds family includes Kris Vanhoesen, Jenna VanHoesen, and Jeffry VanHoesen.

Raymond grew up on the east coast living in Albany and Schenectady, N.Y. Raymond moved to the Gunnison valley in 2010 with Margaret VanHoesen and Maria McCormick living on the Monson Creek Ranch.

Raymond was a good husband and patriarch to his family and raised Tyena Moxham, Amanda Vasquez, Kimmy Willsey, Carlos McCormick and Maria McCormick. Ray’s life was one of honor, dignity and a strong work ethic.

Ray found great comfort and peace in our community and flourished in his working relationships at Western Colorado University. Raymond’s personal friendships was a treasured part of his being. Everyone that was friends with Ray were touched by his wisdom and kindness. Raymond was a man of great honor and integrity. There is not a person who Ray came across who didn’t see a man who treated everyone with love, respect and dignity.

Raymond was a blessed man in reuniting with his high school love Sandra Quinn. His love for her showed in every part of his being. Ray succumbed to cancer on May 17 in the loving arms of his daughter Amanda with his dog Serenity by his side.

Ray leaves behind a legacy of unmatched love, kindness and infinite wisdom for all of his friends to keep close to their heart. His life was colorful and lively and he achieved so much while on this earth and left us far too soon.

A memorial for Ray will be held Friday, May 24 at the Western Colorado University Ballroom from 2:45-5 p.m. If you’d like to send flowers, send them directly to the Ballroom. All friends and loved ones are welcome.