John Czernicki
John Czernicki


The list reads like a veritable hall of fame: Beck, Parker, Struble, Lowdenslager, Neimi, Edmondson, Adams, Elsnes and Hatcher.

What is this list? Is it perhaps the name of the newest law firm here in Gunnison? No, this is a list of people associated with Western Colorado University who literally made me who I am and to me are true heroes. I now have an almost 40-year relationship with Western, and it’s time to write about it.

I was a freshman in 1981, and was in serious shock when I arrived. Like many students I lacked maturity and many skills I would need to be successful in college. I had no idea of how to write, research or achieve many of the skills one needed to be a student. Yet, over the next five years I would have teachers who had faith in me and were willing to help me. Men like Dr.’s Beck and Parker became my heroes and were my role models and seemed to have faith in me.



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