Patti Bippus

Patricia "Patti" Ann Bouchard Bippus, 76, originally from Gunnison passed away in Fairbanks, Alaska on March 25. Patti was a loving mother to Stosh, Stanna and Stacia Bippus. She had two grandchildren Riggin and Conner Bippus and was a sister to Shirley Miller and Betilu Evans. She passed away peacefully and wants to reassure all who knew and loved her that she was going out to explore space and discover other universes. That was Patti's nature.

She lived passionately. She loved and cherished life and the people in her life. She lived in a realm of imagination and creation. She knew and understood beauty in a way that was unique and wonderful. Ideas poured from her and she longed to make the world better for children through education and expression. She was genuine and dedicated to her profession as an educator. She enjoyed mentoring teachers and helping students realize their potential. And because of those qualities people gravitated to her. It was easy to feel her sincere warmth and incredible energy.

She loved her three children and many others. She opened her home and her heart to some outstanding individuals whom she loved like they were her own. She often quoted Richard Bach at commencement speeches and this quote is befitting of her: “The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but one of respect and joy in each other’s life. Rarely do members of one family grow up under the same roof.” She reveled in the fact that she didn’t have a traditional family but in fact had a bigger, more loving family than most because of her ability to love so many.

We are proud to say that our mom was a mentor to all that crossed her path. She always made you feel special, unique and loved. She had an infectious laugh and there lived a twinkle in her eye that made her unforgettable. She had a hunger for knowledge and she ached to create. She painted, designed, constructed, wrote and acted and played the flute. She was a Renaissance Woman, a gift, a wonder.

If you see a little red bird or have the urge to look up into the night sky and bear witness to the stars or northern lights, space and beyond, you will find her there. She is as free as the wind. She is alive within us and she would love it if you would speak her name from time to time. We all will remember her smile.

Our Mom was proud of Colorado and its history and her family's Colorado history. If you feel compelled to honor her through a donation please consider the Community Foundation of Gunnison Valley’s Memorial Scholarship ( or to the Gunnison Historic Preservation Commission. Or consider giving to another charity of your choosing, Patti and her family would be grateful.

Stayed tuned for information about The Patti Bippus Scholarship fund that is in the works. If interested in learning more please contact her daughter Stacia at