Students showcase second issue of INK! magazine
Photo by: 
Emily Pilon

Students hit the ground running when classes at Gunnison High School (GHS) resumed this year. Between new students and staff members, there was one more thing new for the semester: a second edition of the studentrun magazine, INK!. With a wellestablished editor-in-chief and a vision to display students’ work, the beginnings of the new edition were born.

Ali Pierce, a junior at GHS and editor-in-chief, remembers just last year when the team was releasing the first-ever edition of INK!.

“It was the last day of the semester when David White came to me and asked if I would take the lead for the first magazine,” Pierce explained.

With the ability to devote some extra time to the publication during second semester, the first edition finally came to fruition. White, the ninth-grade English teacher at GHS, is proud of how far students have come in producing this year’s edition.

“This isn’t a class, it doesn’t count as a credit,” White explained. “The students just do it because they like it. It means something to them.”

This year, INK! is showcasing more than your typical forms of art. The team sees doodles on the edges of notes, fashion, tattoos and other expressions as something worth sharing.

“We want to break the barriers of what we see as art,” White stated.

By including this simple state of mind in the production of the new edition, it broadened the opportunity to showcase more students and their creativity. This has also given INK! the opportunity to make a few additions to the magazine.

“This year we added in a ‘Dear GENIEous’ column,” White explained. “It’s a play on the word genius and ‘Dear Genie.’”

The anonymous author answers various questions students submitted — from simple school questions to relationship advice. The magazine also showcases winners from a spring writing contest.

“We are giving students a voice with everything we do, and in turn it has given me and the rest of the team a voice as well,” Pierce stated.

The magazine has become their way of expressing thoughts and feelings through a multitude of mediums. Pierce went on to say, “We want to overcome the stereotypes that teenagers are disrespectful of old art forms, and that we are all obsessed with technology and nothing else.”

INK! has provided the opportunity to not only reach out to students, but to reach the community and show a different point of view of students and creators of the magazine.

To add to the new year and the new edition, INK! also has incorporated a mentor program. Each staff member is tasked with the challenge of taking younger students — usually freshmen — under their wings and teach them the ropes of their role. As a result, when current students graduate, the magazine will continue to run with well-versed members.

The second edition was released this Wednesday, Oct. 24, and was met with extreme enthusiasm.

“When a flower begins to grow, it is fragile. It must break through the soil and be well kept so it can reach new heights,” Pierce said. “This whole experience has been like watching a flower grow.”

The team has begun distributing the magazine to various coffeeshops up and down the valley. Anyone interested in receiving or displaying a copy should contact White at


- Emily Pilon, Special to the Times