Last month, you heard from the Gunnison County Metropolitan Recreation District (Met Rec) about why we were formed and how our mission has evolved. In part two of this four article series we want to share the importance of Met Rec’s successful “de-Brucing” and what it will enable us to accomplish moving forward.

You may recall having seen campaign signs around your neighborhood in 2018 that read, “Unlock the potential of Met Rec, Vote Yes on 7D!” This was part of Met Rec’s successful effort to be “de-Bruced,” a term associated with the Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR). The bill was written by lawmaker Douglas Bruce, and the phrase “de-Bruce” is used to describe the process of eliminating the TABOR restriction.

Colorado is the only state in the nation with TABOR, an amendment made to the state constitution in 1992 to limit revenue at all levels of government, including special districts. As a special district whose primary revenue is sourced from property tax, this had a direct impact on Met Rec. Under TABOR restrictions, as property taxes went up, Met Rec had to decrease its mill levy to avoid exceeding its revenue cap.

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