Matt Brown

Matthew Lawrence Brown was born to Darrell and Sharon Brown in Wichita Falls, Kan., in 1959. He passed away tragically on Oct. 25, surrounded by friends and family. Matt is survived by his wife Julia Thackaberry; two sons Dustin and Kerry; their mother Dana Brown; Dustin’s wife Autumn; and brother David. Matt moved to the Gunnison Valley in the late ‘70s to ski and pursue a business degree at Western. He was an entrepreneur in Gunnison as an owner of Scenic River Tours with his longtime partner Ches Russell. During ski season he worked for Crested Butte Mountain Resort managing the purchasing department, and most recently alongside his brothers and sisters on the Ski Patrol. Matt took every advantage to make the most of his surroundings; skiing, rafting, hunting, fishing and flying his hang glider. His passion for life is unsurpassed, and those who knew him saw his love and stewardship of the land he loved and spirit for life. Matt was an exceptional member of the Gunnison County community, fighting for the right to fl oat and to keep the lands he loved wild and free for all of us. Matt will be remembered for his ability to live life to the fullest and to share his knowledge of the land and of the outdoors to those willing to be as noble and passionate as he was. The valley will never be the same as it was before Matt. We all owe it to our love for the outdoors — and Matt — to cherish it as much as he has. Remember his spirit is with all of us constantly like the changing of the seasons and the spring runoff he loved so much. We can all rest assured that Matt is on the flight of his life! All who knew Matt are welcome to help us celebrate his life Thursday, Nov. 2 at 1 p.m. at the Almont Resort.