MaryJane Ellis passed at St. Mary’s Hospital in Grand Junction, Colo., on Oct. 7 after a brief medical health decline. She was bom in Leadville, Colo., on Aug. 4, 1940. Her father was a miner in Leadville and died when MaryJane was a child. She and her mother and brother lived in the Rectory, with Father Spehar in Leadville. This enhanced her deep love and devotion in the Catholic Church. MaryJane lived briefly in Hawaii while she was in her mid-twenties and worked for the hotel industry. She moved to Gunnison, Colo., where she attended Westem State College, which was made possible by the Betty Spehar family. She earned a Special Education Teaching Degree: her goal and dream. She taught at Blackstock Elementary School for years in the 1970s and 1980s. She then moved to Apple Valley, Calif., and taught Special Education for 25 years. She returned to her beloved Colorado and substitute taught in Gunnison.

She was predeceased by her mother, Emma Malavar and brother, Frank Malavar; father, Matt Malavar and husband, Donald Ellis.

Thankfully, MaryJane had a dedicated circle of friends who surrounded her with love and devotion. Devoted Catholic, lover of children and animals, loyal friend.

A service was held at St. Peter’s Catholic Church in Gunnison on Oct. 15.