On Sunday morning of Oct. 21, 2018, Mary Elizabeth Falsetto passed away peacefully at the age of 93. Mary was the youngest child of Martin and Apolona Spritzer of Crested Butte. Mary was born on March 5, 1915 in Crested Butte. She had one sister and nine brothers. Mary was a loving wife, mother of four children, grandmother of five grandchildren and a great-grandmother. Although Mary’s schooling only went through the eighth grade, her travelling experiences with her mother were educational as well. At age 18, Mary moved to Oakland, Calif., where she lived in a boarding house and worked for a Safeway store as a cashier. It was there that she met and married Donald R. Mills, a welder from Dubuque, Iowa. Mary and Don lived in Dubuque and had their first child, Don, there. When expecting their second child, Mary lost her husband after only three years of marriage. Mary then moved back to Crested Butte where she met and married Joseph Falsetto, also a Crested Butte native. Mary and Joseph had two sons, Michael and Robert. Mary and Joe resided in Broomfi eld, Colo., and were married for 65 years upon her death. Mary loved baking, cooking and taking care of her family. She loved all kinds of music, from Led Zeppelin to her polka music, often played on an accordion by her brothers, Botsie and Emil Spritzer. Mom’s love of polka dancing was “epic.” She often said she would rather dance than eat. She enjoyed the taste of a good “pevo” and good company. Many of her nieces and nephews knew her by the name “Aunt Doods,” a nickname given to her when she was small because she was always doodling on paper. One of her favorite sayings was “it will all come out in the wash,” and you were right mom, it always did. We will miss your sweet beautiful soul every minute of every day Mama. Rest in peace. We love you.