Times offers a statement on coronavirus (COVID-19) coverage

Dear Gunnison Country Times readers: 

We want to take a short break from our ongoing coverage of the unprecedented nature of the COVID-19 situation to touch on our philosophy and our intention during this difficult time. 

With our regular coverage in the weekly print edition plus our very frequent online posts and social media teases, we are attempting to assist in disseminating accurate and timely information that community members can use for their benefit. 

We are not attempting to spread fear. We are not trying to create panic. We certainly aren’t trying to “sell papers.” 

Quite the contrary. In addition to the serious health effects that can be associated with this viral outbreak, our local community is already beginning to feel the economic impact of the widespread response to it. Multiple events have been cancelled. Some businesses that normally would be preparing for a busy spring break season have closed their doors. 

We, too, as a locally owned, small, independent business, are feeling the pinch. 

Philosophically, our underlying purpose behind everything we do is to be a service for good — to help inform, help bring people together, to strengthen community ties. In this light, if we could offer one editorial comment on the coronavirus situation it would be this: Please be patient, understanding and sympathetic. Health and government officials are in an incredibly difficult situation with this crisis. No one has all the answers. Of course mistakes are going to be made.  

Lastly, we simply encourage people to be kind to one another as we all do the best we can to get through a difficult situation … together. 

Chris Dickey

Times Owner/Publisher