District 1 commissioner seat up in air

Chris Rourke

Times Editor

Gov. Jared Polis today announced the appointment of Gunnison County Commissioner John Messner to a professional five-member Colorado Oil and Gas Commission.

Last year, the governor signed into law a bill which transitions the former commission from nine appointees to a professional five-member commission. The law requires that the members have no other paid employment. 

The act currently specifies that the commission has exclusive authority relating to the conservation of oil or gas. 

“The appointed members of the commission shall devote their entire time to the duties of their offices to the exclusion of any other employment and are entitled to receive compensation as designated by law,” Colorado Revised Statute states.

An announcement regarding the appointment is expected at tomorrow’s Board of County Commissioners’ meeting.

Messner has served on the nine-member appointed commission of volunteers for the last year. The establishment of a professional commission as part of the law is to take place by July 1.

According to the governor’s press release, Messner was chosen for his substantial expertise in planning or land use.

“Messner has served as Gunnison County Commissioner and has experience in public policy related to outdoor recreation, land use, and local government,” the release stated.

The Times will have complete coverage of this development and what it means to the 2020 Board of County Commissioners’ election in this week’s edition.

 Read more about the governor's appointments at https://www.colorado.gov/governor/news/governor-polis-announces-cogcc-appointments.