Official season cancelled, but fun remains
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Brandon Warr

GHS Mountain Biking — A lot has changed in the high school sports world due to the COVID-19 pandemic, yet not much has changed with the Gunnison High School mountain biking team.

While their season may have been canceled, the focus has never been on results anyway. Instead, the aim of the program is on making sure every athlete enjoys the experience.

“It's more about riding as a team and being together as a team,” said head coach Bryan Dillon. “I think the challenges are a bonus that are pretty cool. They are still trying to figure out the challenges, but I think we will know more after a few weeks when we do this first one.”

The challenges designed by the Colorado High School Cycling League (CHSCL) are similar to a season, as teams will race on a course and record times. However, instead of having a race day, teams will have a race week.

Each team member will have a week to compete in the challenge — the exception being the local hill time trials, which has to be supervised by a coach or parent.

Coaches will then submit their riders’ fastest times to complete the required amount of laps. Those times will be scored and ranked within their respective region and category.

Additionally, each challenge course will be designed by the coach with certain requirements from the (CHSCL).

Despite the team goal being focused on having fun, coach Dillon noted riders can set their own individual goals for the season. Riders will have the opportunity to see improvement throughout since the time trial course will remain up.

“They’ll be able to compare how they are doing against each other and against themselves and how much faster they are getting,” said coach Dillon. “Which, they will get faster over the season.”


Fun heightened

Even though competitions aren’t the focus for the Cowboys, coach Dillon under stands riders do look forward to the memories that are made.

“It's always our goal to have fun but that's even more heightened because there are no competitions,” he said. “We definitely are focusing more on enjoying being around one another and enjoying having a sport.

“The thing we are going to miss the most is having that time to go camp together as a team, but I'm just glad we are having a season.”

Coach Dillon also noted that the senior leadership goal this year is to be a positive presence on the team.

GHS’ first challenge will come to an end on Sunday, as they currently are in the middle of completing the Sensational Short Course challenge.


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