A quiet man of few words. He never spoke before thinking. A wry sense of humor got people laughing. If it was technical, Dave liked it. If it was nature, Dave liked it.

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Dave loved his dogs. Known to many of his friends as the original dog whisperer, he cherished each of his dogs for their own special character. He often repeated that if there aren’t dogs in heaven, I want to go where they are. I know he is chasing Freckles, teaching Karl new tricks, biking with Shadow, coddling Sim, hiking with Mica, fishing with Jera, brushing Sadie.

Dave committed himself to finding balance in a community with many diverse interests. Uniquely gifted, Dave could meet someone and make a sincere connection that often lasted years. His many dear friends know that, as they stretch all the way back to high school. Always grateful to his mentors, especially his boss at the Homestake Mine near Gunnison, Colo.

Dave made his way to Colorado and was a heavy equipment mechanic often working in bitter cold. His boss recognized he was capable of much more and convinced him to go to college. Very proud of making his own way, he graduated magna cum laude from Western State and went on to obtain a master of science degree in microbiology there.

Dave served as the environmental health director for San Miguel County and his service was very meaningful to him. He was a dedicated professional and kind man who was resourceful, helpful and fair. The beautiful San Miguel County basins benefited from his conscientious work.

And so we say goodbye and know Dave is at peace. He departed Aug. 21. May his beloved wife, family, dear friends and mere acquaintances remember the best times and find peace in those memories. Release your struggles and seek joy. Amen.