Information to track cases

Response to Gunnison County Health and Human Services drive up station has tripled today. On Friday, health officials consulted with about 50 patients who had been screened through the local call center. Today that number is expected to grow to about 150. All cases must be screened before a patient reports to the drive up.

Additionally, Gunnison County has set up a link where patients can self-report. The form states the following:

"With community-level transmission of COVID-19 confirmed in Gunnison County, testing is being reserved for the most critical cases. It is important, however, that we continue to be able to track the spread of COVID-19 to align response resources in Gunnison County and evaluate the strategies in place to decrease the spread of illness. We need your help by filling out this form. This information will help us greater clarity on areas impacted, types of symptoms being experienced."

You can access this form here:

The following patients with COVID-19 symptoms are asked to please call the call center at 970.641.7660.

  • Healthcare workers  
  • Employed in public safety occupation (e.g., law enforcement, fire fighter, EMS)  
  • Part of an illness cluster in a facility or institution (e.g., healthcare, school, corrections, shelters)  
  • With severe lower respiratory illness (hospitalized or fatal)  
  • With worsening symptoms  
  • Older than 60 years  
  • With underlying medical conditions  
  • Pregnant women  
  • Had contact with a lab-confirmed COVID-19 patient