Bruce ‘Barometer’ Bartleson
Bruce ‘Barometer’ Bartleson


This week, unlike past articles, we have three separate, but very interesting weather-related issues to discuss: high water, Gunnison weather and snow avalanches.

As you all know, we are having high water in our streams this year. So far, we are still running about double our longterm average for stream flow. It now appears certain that the peak flow on the Gunnison River was 5,250 cubic feet per second (cfs) on June 15, which is late, and well above the average peak flow of about 3,900 cfs.

Thanks to Alantha Garrison of the official Gunnison County Electric Association weather site, we now have final figures for May and June. If it will make you feel any better, May daytime highs were 6 degrees cooler than average, and the second coldest on record. Oddly, however, the overnight lows were close to normal, and the average temperature was 45, about 3 degrees cooler than average.


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