My brain has been connecting a lot of dots from an amazing kickoff to the summer season. I write this sitting at the base of what we call “W” or Tenderfoot Mountain. Surely the earlier inhabitants of our valley had another name, as archaeologists have found 60 clusters of artifacts on its well-used peak, providing insights into the bisonhunting Paleo Indians called the “Folsom Tradition.”

Tradition is a great word to stumble upon during Memorial Day weekend. As a nation we’ve celebrated Memorial Day in some form since the Civil War, and our Memorial Day tradition will carry on each year as new traditions add to the mix of our valley’s vibrancy. At the base of W Mountain a new tradition started six years ago when the I Bar Ranch hay barn was converted into the valley’s largest outdoor concert venue — maybe the Folsom folks would’ve called in a noise complaint if they were still around. NIMBY existed then too, I’m sure.


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