Vincents much different off the field, mat
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Brandon Warr

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Sports hold power unlike anything else. They can bring together people from different cultures and backgrounds — who might have never otherwise interacted — and see them unite to accomplish one common goal: winning.

While Bryce and Kaleb Vincent share a background, playing together at Gunnison High School (GHS) has brought them closer together as brothers.

“It has been fun to see Bryce and Kaleb playing sports for GHS together this year,” said Jeni Vincent, mother of Bryce and Kaleb. “They have both grown so much and have become closer.”

However, the Vincent brothers don’t always spend time together. When Bryce and Kaleb aren’t busy working out or at practice, you’ll find them engaged in very different activities.

“After practice I like to relax and watch television,” said Bryce. “On off days, I like to go to the parks and recreation center with my two younger brothers (Hunter and Ryder).”

That’s the complete opposite of what Kaleb likes to do in his spare time. He can be found playing video games for hours.

Yet, time spent apart from one another at home is made up for when Bryce and Kaleb step foot in the locker room.

Whether it’s getting ready for “zero period” weights or getting dressed for practice, the Vincent brothers spend countless hours working toward becoming stronger in the sports in which they participate.

“It can be hard at times, because of the pressure to live up to my brother,” freshman Kaleb said of Bryce, a junior.

It is no surprise that Kaleb feels pressure, since the Vincent brothers play the same three sports — football, wrestling and baseball. The pressure may too much for some; however, Kaleb has learned to embrace the challenge and just “roll with it.”

He has also learned that playing on the same team can be beneficial — Bryce does his best to set examples for his younger brothers.

“I want to show them that they can strive to be anything they want to,” said Bryce. “They just have to put all their effort into it.”

That isn’t the only way Bryce helps Kaleb either. Since Kaleb is wrestling for the first time this season at the high school level, Bryce has passed on his knowledge of what to expect as a freshman.

“I just kind of tell him, ‘It’s your freshman year and you’re still learning but you can still give it your best shot,’” said Bryce. “We all struggled as freshmen.”

It appears Kaleb has listened to his brother. The younger Vincent sits 4-5 in matches and has set a lofty goal for his freshman season.

“I want to place at regionals,” said Kaleb.

Similar to Kaleb, Bryce also has a lofty goal; he wants to make it to state.

While it’s not surprising to hear that Bryce has helped his younger brother, Kaleb actually has helped Bryce too.

“At the beginning of football season, Kaleb helped me sometimes,” said Bryce. “I didn’t know what I was doing at the beginning but as the season progressed I learned and was able to help him.”

Prior to playing football this past season, Bryce was a member of the cross country team and hadn’t set foot on a football field since his eighth grade year.

Despite not spending much time together outside of sports, the Vincent brothers always find time to talk before or during practice — and will have one more year of competing together at GHS to grow their bond as brothers.


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