Bobby E. Wright would like to let you all know that his assignment here was completed June 22. He passed in peace after a long battle with cancer and received a new offer that couldn’t be refused. This new adventure takes him to a wonderful place where he will be eternally exploring, fishing, hunting, giving advice and reading to his heart’s content. Love, laughter and music are guaranteed.

His spirit is carried on with his wife of 54 years, Cindy, his timeless love who, from the moment they met at Ft. Lewis College, had been his partner in all of life’s adventures; his two daughters, Dena and Cammie and two sons-in-law, Pat Morrissey and Wes LePlatt; four grandchildren, Dane, Randy, Lauran and Mara who loved their “Papa”; four greatgrandchildren, Gracelynn, Parker, Adeline and Oaklee; and an extended family of friends from every walk of life. Those he met will remember Bobby for his hand offered in support, charismatic personality, smile, warmth and his love for life.

Those who knew him were blessed to learn many valuable lessons from Bobby during his 79 years, among them: don’t set the hook too early, enjoy a cup of coffee with the sunrise, talk to strangers as if you know them, select a quality tool to do a job right and well, “it’s good enough for who it’s for,” play horseshoes/dominoes/ cards with attitude, find a fishing hole wherever you go, sip a Scotch every now and then with the sunset, and just laugh and be thankful. Those who’ve taken his lessons to heart will continue to ensure that his life and stories will be shared with family, friends, and strangers fishing nearby.

Bobby was committed to his career in education. After graduating from Fort Lewis College he began teaching math at Durango High School. He loved what he did and his career progressed; he earned his masters at CU Boulder and became an assistant principal/athletic director, and then principal of Durango High School (DHS). He was selected Principal of the Year for the State of Colorado in 1990. He gave his heart to the staff and students of DHS for 30 years and absolutely loved being a principal.

We truly appreciate all the wonderful care from Gunnison Valley Hospital, the Oncology department, and home hospice nursing the past year.

In honor of Bobby you can feel free to donate to: Trout Unlimited, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation or Ducks Unlimited in his name.

After reading this, we hope you will share a cold drink and a story with someone, friend or stranger, in his name!