In the face of the most contentious issues, effective leaders have a way of bringing people together. If there is any such need at the moment, it’s over the contentious housing project known as The Corner at Brush Creek.

What better way to guarantee failure of a political proposal than to prevent the question from being asked in the first place? And when all else fails, barring certain groups from weighing in is bound to get the job done.

What do a retired couple who’ve participated in Alaska’s famous Iditarod dog-sledding race, a man who’s riding a weighted down bicycle from Florida to Seattle to raise awareness for wounded veterans, three middle-aged friends spending four days trekking around the San Juan Mountains on foot and a

If you’ve seen one (fill in the blank), you’ve seen them all.

While this old joke could certainly apply to rodeos, Cattlemen’s Days keeps us all coming back, year after year. Why is that?

People sometimes tell me that the U.S. Forest Service isn't aggressive enough in fighting fires. As a wildland fire professional with more than 30 years of experience, I disagree. Historically, wildland fire shaped the American landscape.

Gunnison Valley Regional Housing Authority (GVRHA) leaders failed a year ago in convincing elected officials that the time was right to pitch a property tax increase to voters. They’ve now succeeded.

On a recent stroll across sage-brush-covered hills northeast of the Gunnison, we saw a sage grouse peak around a shrub before taking flight. Over the next rise, a lone female pronghorn antelope darted from the drainage bottom to the far ridge.

I’m writing this on the morning of July 3. Most of you won’t read it until the mail delivers your newspaper July 5, or later. So by then my prediction may have been proven terribly wrong, but I’m going to make it anyway.

I live in western Colorado, which is “Trump Country.” My community — which overwhelmingly voted for Trump by a 3:1 ratio — strongly resembles many of the other rural, working-class, predominantly-white communities that carried President Donald Trump to Pennsylvania Avenue in 2016.

We spend a lot of time in this community, and I don’t suppose this is a characteristic all that unique to the Gunnison Valley, talking about things that we don’t like or don’t want.