In recent years, the occasional rumor has cropped up that Crested Butte Mountain Resort (CBMR) was on the verge of selling to a deep-pocketed investor or large resort operator. From all appearances, that will finally occur.

Last week Kirsten and I slipped out of Gunnison for a night, travelling to Denver to see Paul Simon in concert at Fiddler’s Green. I was blown away.

My brain has been connecting a lot of dots from an amazing kickoff to the summer season. I write this sitting at the base of what we call “W” or Tenderfoot Mountain.

The coming summer typically finds me rushing to complete as many home-improvement projects as possible — for fear that if I don’t get the deck staining done or windows re-caulked before June 1, then I’ll never find time to enjoy Gunnison’s relatively few days of warmish weather before the cold se

A few weeks ago longtime local resident and dreamer Edwin Foster expressed an opinion in these pages that many people likely brushed off as laughably impossible. He thinks the valley needs a tram running up Crested Butte Mountain.

In the Gunnison Valley the affordable housing controversy over the Brush Creek project rages on, with tempers rising, insults flying, up-valley/down valley divisions reappearing, and the absence of any semblance of common sense.

In November of 2014 the citizens of Gunnison County gave our local public education system a shot in the arm. We agreed to pump up to an additional $2.5 million of property tax dollars annually into local K-12 schools, through a funding mechanism called a Mill Levy Override (MLOR).

There is a place, far up a mountain trail in the West Elk Wilderness that most people pass by without a thought. To reach it takes hours on foot or horseback. Most days start before dawn — hours of catching, saddling and loading horses, just to get us to the trailhead.

You may have heard this saying before, and if not you’re likely to hear it — probably with increasing frequency — in the near future: “Rural is the new urban.”

I came to the United States as a young child when my dad got a temporary faculty position at the University of Michigan. The original plan was to live there for a couple of years and then move back to Australia, where my parents grew up.