If water goes, then desert moves in

Paonia, a small town in western Colorado with a handful of mesas rising above it, wouldn’t green-up without water diverted from a river or mountain springs. The lively water travels through irrigation ditches for miles to gardens and small farms below. But this summer, irrigation ditches were going dry, and one, the Minnesota Canal and Reservoir Company, stopped sending water down to its 100- plus customers as early as July 13.

For the sake of winter, we must stay vigilant

What will the 2020-21 ski and snowboard season look like? We are still in the heat of July — still celebrating the successful opening of our resorts for summer — and that is the number one question we are getting across our 34 North American resorts. What lies ahead for winter? We remain optimistic that we’ll have a great ski season. And we are actively preparing our resorts to ensure our employees and guests have a safe and enjoyable experience this winter amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. But we also know that without strong, healthy communities, none of that matters.

Creativity needed for arts to survive

Going forward, it’s clear, there is no new normal. The virus spread has called for novel responses that entail almost daily reassessments. Nowhere is this more evident than in the arts. Institutions are finding new models to support each other, independent creatives are making unique adjustments to meet changing demands.

Country Kitchens

Zeta Graham’s job is what many women would consider ideal. Mrs. Graham, as home ec/physical education teacher at Ruland Junior High, can cook delicious meals, eat them and work them off all in a day’s work.