Keeping the community recreating — safely

The City of Gunnison Parks and Recreation Department has taken several steps to ensure that our operational plan, the programs we run and facilities we manage follow the Gunnison County Coronameter. We are poised to add services if and when we move to green, or restrict programming and facility availability in the event that the Coronameter goes to yellow.

POTUS leader meets with PAC

Things got off to a slow start, which was encouraging, since that’s my default pace. Even though a few in the crowd of several showed up early, the rule about checking firearms at the door caused a substantial scrum of Second Amendment adherents to bunch up real tight.

Heat wave

Yes, it’s one hot summer, but how hot? Surprisingly, July turned out to have been close to normal here in Gunnison. The overnight lows were about one degree above average (43.8), but the daytime highs (80.2) were a little cooler, so the average temperature for the month was exactly on long term average (61.7).

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As a group, we have a combined 26.5 years of experience as superintendents of Curecanti National Recreation Area and a collective 179 years of service with the National Park Service (NPS). With the benefit of this extensive background, we would like to use our voices to endorse most enthusiastically the passage of the Colorado Outdoor Recreation & Economy (CORE) Act as an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act. The time for action on this legislation is now.

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As our Seasons Schoolhouse executive director frequently says, “We are not a daycare. We do not take care of days.”

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Don’t allow political space for those who undermine

Who wouldn’t want Beyonce as veep?

Pretty much every morning I sit beside my upstairs window — Power View! — maybe with my coffee or a little spot of, wel you know, just to get my mind off, uh, depressing experiences and out my window I marvel at the non-existent street life. This morning — wow! — I watched big crow, chasing the rabbit tha crosses South Main at the same time each day. The crow was flying not three feet above the bunny, which, for its part, was racing along the curb, heading south — no, west, oops, north: bunny on the lam from treacherous bird life, as I contemplated the heavy subject of whom, among so many who would no doubt swoon at the thought, to anoint as my running mate: V-POTUS!

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Be safe on the water