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What’s north-south rift about, anyway?

A recent meeting of elected officials designed to solicit input on the City of Gunnison’s comprehensive plan revealed much more than just issues related to affordable housing and economic development.

Every day is April Fool’s Day

When I was younger, I looked forward to April Fool’s Day — it was a time to be creative and have a few laughs. However, I always wanted the joke

Eventually, the ball will bounce your way again

Walking into the gym at Grand Junction Central High School last Friday was like falling down a rabbit hole and into the past. I’d never in my life been on

Let’s keep scouting on track

Rock music blared over the PA system at the Fred Field Multi-purpose Building this past Friday night as Cub Master Wyatt Phipps announced heats with the passion and knowledge of

An upside to all this shoveling

Man! How about all this snow? Oh, sure, I know. In this same issue, Dr. Bartleson, our go-to guy for all things related to statistics and damned statistics, will let

Is public education fair and balanced?

Having spoken to Crested Butte Community School parents and Western Colorado University students, it’s no surprise to learn that liberal influence is increasing in public education. From climate change to

One ‘love’ story after another

Today is Valentine’s Day, and as usual this edition of your hometown newspaper is filled with stories about love. Is that too corny for you? Well, take a peek at

A lesson from a lunch I can’t pronounce

A twist on the age-old saying “you are what you eat” may offer insight on how one Scandinavian country is so dang happy. Get this: When the lunch bell rings

A cold, snowy winter so far

Although we have recently enjoyed our (sometimes) annual, balmy February thaw, more snow is predicted. More on that later. Some people have been asking if this is a particularly cold

Recall not the answer for Met Rec mess

The mess that is the Gunnison County Metropolitan Recreation District (Met Rec) is a predicament that’s difficult to understand. Did personal strife between board members exacerbate differences inherent to the