A month, six weeks back, I announced my candidacy for POTUS. After all, spring is the suicide season. I — wisely, I think, though anyone with one eye and half

The perspectives on pedalassisted bikes versus analog bikes are much like modern politics — there are two extreme viewpoints, and they rarely change their position. While it’s probably going against

Even as successive snowstorms obliterated drought conditions in Colorado, the states that share the Colorado River put the final touches on a plan to use less water. On March 19,

I knew the odds were stacked against me when my mother-inlaw — a traditional, teetotalling midwesterner — offered to buy me a shot of tequila. I believe it was October

The Tourism and Prosperity Partnership, formerly the Tourism Association, has had trails and mountain biking at the forefront of its spring, summer and fall marketing strategy since 2015. But how

It’s springtime in the Rockies, and for me that usually means loading the pop-up camper into the bed of the pick-up and touring the state in search of prime spring

Four years ago, out of frustration, I wrote one of my first pieces of commentary for the Times. The topic? The intersection of Main and Tomichi. You can imagine my

I owe my marriage to a sport I am now being accused of having something against. Chances are Kirsten and my lives never would have intersected had it not been

We’ll be the first to agree that high school sports encourage a healthy lifestyle, promote discipline and offer a constructive outlet for kids. That’s why we were intrigued to hear

Henry Ford is alleged to have told his early day Model T customers that they could have any color car they wanted, as long as it was black. Today, a