Six feet together

As I walked up the hill to Taylor Hall on the first day of this semester, I wondered if my mask was exposing how hard I was breathing. I looked around at my classmates to examine their masks and noticed every single one suctioned to my peers’ faces as they inhaled and exhaled. My embarrassment turned into comfort knowing we were all in it together.

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The case against COVID-1 9 lockdowns

Fall 2020: what’s next

As you might recall, last summer was one of the warmest and driest on record, and it looks like the fall, defined as the months of September, October and November, are continuing the trend; but, perhaps not to the same degree.

It’s time to ditch the COVID color confusion

Mix enough colors together and soon you’ll have a mess no one wants to look at. It’s a lesson most toddlers learn but one Colorado’s public health officials seem to have forgotten.

Even a little light shines

Last Friday I hopped in an old (as in Fred Field-era) Gunnison County flatbed pickup truck with City Manager Russ Forrest and we puttered around town for a couple hours delivering air filters purchased with federal coronavirus relief funds.

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Accountability needed with outages