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And I thought surviving holiday travel on “the 405” was tough. Three-quarters of Team Dickey spent Thanksgiving week in southern California, the greater L.A. area, a place about 8 bazillion

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When the Tourism and Prosperity Partnership (TAPP) hired a new marketing director in October, he was quick to report that a majority of the folks in the county that TAPP

Will Shoemaker                                Times Editor

What do you think when you hear the word Thanksgiving? If you’re anything like me, it’s Butterball turkey. Green bean casserole. Candied yams. And cranberry sauce. For many of us,

Hannah Holm

Our rivers are shrinking, populations are rising, and many rural communities are suffering from drought and economic dislocation. Urban water use is declining, despite population growth, and communities are transforming

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It’s been a rough night, and the only thing that matters is getting a strong jolt of energy to start the day. But where in Gunnison can you get the

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There I was, somewhere in the Midwest, struggling with my composure (my composure was NOT winning) amid shouts of “We do not believe you’ll deliver on your promises!” I stood

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A couple weeks ago, on Nov. 5, we all got a chance to cast our ballots. That was pretty special, but let’s go back 147 years to Nov. 5, 1872.

Will Shoemaker

Most of the time, I could care less about the latest meme sweeping the internet or hashtag that’s pitting one social group against another. But I ventured to the Midwest

April D. Christopherson

Well, folks, it’s here. The 2019 holiday season is upon us. The start of November marks the end of everything fall and the beginning of everything red, green and “festive.”

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The page has turned on another election in Gunnison County, and if I can read one thing into the results it is optimism for the future of our community. Negativity