If there ever was a playing field far from level, it’s that which exists in the local lodging industry. Hotel and motel proprietors for years have bemoaned the growth of

The dust is beginning to settle on the 119th edition of Cattlemen’s Days, Gunnison’s annual 10-day celebration of a way of life. It was another wonderful demonstration of what this

This week, unlike past articles, we have three separate, but very interesting weather-related issues to discuss: high water, Gunnison weather and snow avalanches. As you all know, we are having

You know someone has been immersed in the Cattlemen’s Days culture for far too long when the stated name of the annual festival gets thoroughly slurred into a single word

It’s Cattlemen’s week, which means there must be a lot of cowboys in town. Right? While this is surely the case, it can be difficult to tell. You can’t determine

Every so often I have a Yakov Smirnoff moment. Last weekend was one of those times. Smirnoff is the Russian comedian who’d marvel at the luxuries and conveniences of everyday

Earlier this year, I was one of six Coloradans selected as a 2019 Gates Family Foundation Public Leadership Fellow to attend a three-week program in State and Local Government at

Here I’ve lived my life as if the bars were about to close when suddenly, without even trying, I find myself out front like Secretariat in POTUS poll after POTUS

By now, it’s old news that the Colorado River — notwithstanding the current abundant water year — is generally shrinking, and is expected to shrink more in coming decades. The

I’ll never forget the first time I interviewed Jerry Piquette about his deep interest in the game of marbles. It was 2002, or thereabouts. He lived in that stately old