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A creative proposal floated by the Gunnison County Library District would address two long-standing problems: funding and facilities. Eight years ago, the district approached voters with two separate ballot questions

Chris Dickey

One by one, the young adults approached the microphone and a room full of people. Some were as young as 10 or 12, others probably 18 or even a little

Silence unacceptable amid grouse decline

More than 50 years ago, Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring” began with a fable about a town in which a strange stillness descended as the birds disappeared. We are faced with

Saving lives easier than ever

I was overdue. Granted, it was just a few months, but it had been about a year and a half since I had my last mammogram. Life is busy —

Parenting in an age of peril

The day Madeline, my daughter, has been waiting for seemingly since she was born finally arrived. A couple weeks ago, she turned 18. Freedom! Adulthood! Tattoos! “Best birthday ever,” she

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What do Hank Williams Jr., Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Townes Van Zandt and plenty of others have in common? They could all learn a thing or two from

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Are you connecting with your friends and family or helping con them? For a few years now, we have been talking about information and media literacy in this inimitable newspaper.

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Government failing to fulfill its obligations should be cause for alarm. That’s why we’re disturbed by the federal government’s apparent inability to acquire fishing easements following the construction of Blue

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Remember when that phrase came into our lives almost 50 years ago? It was the Apollo 13 Mission to the moon after an explosion damaged the spacecraft. The world held